Product Instructions

Parental care must be taken at all times to ensure that your child remains safe. Please follow the instruction carefully to ensure your Bop Along Buddies® bouncer is safe to use.

  • Unfold your Bop Along Buddies Bouncer and lay it flat on the floor or table.
  • Unpack the pump and attach the needle to the end of the pump by screwing it in. The needle may be found inside the handle of the pump if not on the top plate.
  • Insert the moistened pump needle into inflation hole underneath bouncer.
  • Pump up slowly with the hand pump until firm and slightly rounded in the centre. May take up to 4-5 minutes of pumping.
  • The ears, horns and tail should have some give and will not be firm this is normal. If the legs of the toy buckle when sat on, it needs more air.
  • Do not over-inflate your buddy as doing so could lead to injury.
  • Carefully remove the needle from the one-way valve. Store in the top of the pump.
  • After initial inflation you may need to add a little more air this is due to the PVC stretching, this is normal. Add air as required.
  • Now you’ve pumped up your bouncer and checked your play area and you are ready to have some fun bouncing around!