Get in touch with us!

We are generally open Monday to Friday and endeavour to answer all enquiries within 48 hours. However as we are a small business sometimes things occur that mean this is not possible. Please understand we will get to your enquiry as soon as possible.

We do prefer enquiries to be sent through the contact form below but if it is an urgent enquiry try our 1300 line. Our 1300 BOP ALONG (1300 267 256) number is normally on Monday to Friday 10am - 4pm. There is voice mail so if you call outside of these times please leave a clear message we will call you back.

Please note we often work at big events like expos and at weekend events like markets so enquires are often not answered at these times as we often work long hours these days.

We also try to spend time with our young family on weekends so please don't be worried if we haven't gotten back to your phone or email enquire on a weekend. Sometimes we need a break too.

We will respond as soon as possible and address you enquiries, concerns or compliment. So if you need to you can send us a message using the form below or give us a call, we will happily help you.

10 AM - 4 PM