What will come with my Bop Along Buddy?

Every Buddy comes with a pump, a valve (or plug for xl range) and instructions which allows you to inflate your buddy straight away and get the fun started.

It is important you follow the instructions to ensure your child’s safety. 
Always use under adult supervision, away from obstructions, uneven surfaces, stairs and water. 

What are Bop Along Buddies made from?

Our Bop Along Buddies are made from Child-friendly 6PP Phthalate free PVC. This material is soft and durable and is suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

Care should be taken to ensure no damage occurs when in use. Always check for damage before and after each use. Replace if damaged.

Your Buddy should be stored inside out of the elements to ensure longevity and prevent damage due to exposure.

Does the PVC contain anything harmful to children?  

No definitely not. Our Buddies are made from 6PP Phthalate free eco-friendly PVC. 
Phthalates are the dangerous chemicals associated with the breakdown of PVC and we have made sure that our products do not have these in them.

They also have no heavy metal elements and are tested to meet international standards for toy safety.

I have unpacked my Buddy and it has a sweet smell, what do I do?

This is not with every Buddy and is not in any way harmful. Sometimes there is a residue left on the animals from production. The scent which is not very strong is the PVC and the lubricant used in the production of your Buddy.

Just give your Buddy a good wipe over with a damp cloth and mild soapy water, wipe dry and then place in the sun for about an hour. That should take it away, if not leave in the sun for a little longer but do not leave it outside all the time this could lead to damage and early deterioration. Also, do not leave in the sun on very hot days this can damage the toy.


What is the maximum weight the toy can withstand?

The toys are designed for use for Children of all ages. The maximum weight is 70 kg for regular use however they have the ability to hold approximately 120 kg. This allows for any Big Kid's (Mum's and Dad's) to have a go or to even use them to sit and play on the floor with the children.

They are not designed to take excessive force pressures and so should not be jumped on from a great height or used regularly by anyone older than 8 years of age for the standard range or over 70 kgs for the Xl. Doing so may result in an injury to you or damage to your buddy.

I have just received my Buddy, pumped it up and now it seems to be deflating!

One of the unique things about PVC is that in the early days when first inflated it actually stretches, so after the first inflation it may seem like your Buddy is deflating but in actual fact, they are growing. As the PVC stretches you will need to add additional air, so follow the instructions to add the air taking care when you remove the plug not to damage your buddy. If your buddy has a one-way valve just ensure you moisten the needle before you insert it to add more air.

After a few times, the buddy will "settle" and hold its shape, once this has happened you will only need to add air occasionally however if they are bounced on with great enthusiasm regularly you may need to add additional air more frequently.

If the buddy seems to deflate even after following the above steps please contact us to discuss what may be happening.

What should I do if my Buddy has smudges and small marks on the outside that won't wash off?

Each of the Buddies has their features hand painted on whilst a machine paints on the body markings, as this paint is applied after the buddy is made sometimes small marks occur on the shell of your buddy.

You can try a rubber eraser which in many cases will take many of the marks off. You can also use a little gumption, but do not use anything caustic, this will destroy the PVC.

For more stubborn marks like pen or texta try a little bit of general thinner on a white cloth. Make sure you wash the buddy well after using any cleaning agent to ensure it is safe for your children and also nothing is left to damage the PVC.

Any marks on the Buddies are superficial and will not affect the operation of your Buddy.  We try to check everything and do not sell anything that we think is badly marked or we wouldn't buy ourselves.

Some of the marks that you may see are black smudged, dots or small lines, occasionally there may be a light yellow or pink dot or slight overspray of the colour of the body markings.  We apologise for these but they are unavoidable due to the way these animals are produced.


My Buddy doesn't seem to be inflating, what should I do?

Firstly please check over your buddy for any perforations, tears or holes that may have occurred during shipping. Every Buddy is checked by us before leaving but some damage may occur during shipping.

If there is no noticeable damage you can submerge your Buddy in a bath of water and look for any rising air bubbles. If there are no signs of these it is likely to be a pump issue.  Check that the pump and the one-way valve if there are no signs of a problem here please contact us to discuss some options.

We try to ensure every pump is working when we send them but occasionally things happen in transit which damages them, if this is the case for you please accept our apologies and contact us for additional information. 


If you have any other questions please contact us at info@bopalongbuddies.com.au and we will happily answer them.