After a decade of working in various roles in the medical industry & the most recent years working in Endocrinology I had spent my days regularly seeing & hearing of the increasing rates of Diabetes among the Australia & worldwide community, what was most concerning & what formed the drive to introduce Bop Along Buddies to market was the ever increasing rates of Type 2 Diabetes in children in Australia that was creeping into my everyday work experiences.

As I discussed this with my colleagues & clients the most common reasons started to emerge. The lack of exercise, the increase consumption of poor quality High fat &/or fast foods & too much screen time versus playing outside like I had as a child were contributing to this ever growing issue.

So as I looked into ways that this could be addressed. I looked into what had changed since I had grown up in the 80's. Some of what I discovered was that many children no longer had access to motor skills training in the early preschool & school years like we had due to the increase liability issues faced by those providing those services & older children had less opportunity to access after school or even weekend sporting activities as the cost of these had risen to be unaffordable or impractical as parents had to work longer hours to afford the rising cost of living.

So in 2010 I started to develop a product range that I thought would help to address some of these issue but in an affordable way. Having had exposure to a number of medical areas & also having a keen personal interest in a number of areas including occupational therapy, cerebral palsy & motor skills development I looked for options that would assist in the development of motor skills, body movement & muscle building while offering an aerobic exercise experience for the children but that remained fun.

Fortunately during my research I was able to find a product that had in the past been developed to address specific needs in occupational therapy for the building of muscle in deficient areas of children. After assessing the appropriateness of this product we realised it was not suitable and went about finding other options and designing our own.

So with my first baby on the way & with the a initial product design ready to go we worked to bring the first of our designs to market. By early 2011 our baby daughter was born our first few designs were starting to roll off the production line & Bop Along Buddies was born.

Since then we have gone on the develop a number of firsts in the industry as well as a number of world wide exclusive designs. With a focus on quality & safety I have worked to developed a range that offers families the ability to introduce motor skills development to their children in a fun and affordable way.

I have also worked to introduce the range & its benefits to many groups that could benefit including cerebral palsy groups, autistic groups, cystic fibrosis and professional medical groups as the range is an easily affordable but highly affective training tool for many people with varying medical conditions.

I ensure that I provide product that exceeds Australian standards as the range fills my lounge room as we develop new designs and ranges & is something that my children a beautiful daughter & now a handsome little son play with everyday. I would never offer anything to your children that I would not give my own as I am a Mum first & foremost & safety is a key value of my business.

I started this out of the want to help the kids & I do it now cause I love it. I am proud to be the FIRST major Australian Development Bouncer brand. I am a proud mum & Australian women in business & I am a proud local business award winner.

I strive to be the best & to provide the best for you and the children of the world.


Deborah xx